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Vale will never have to worry about a mating contract, right?

Vale considers himself lucky that he’s exempt from having a mating contract. Why would any omega want thousands of alphas to bid on them and try to prove themselves worthy?

From his best friend Zyke to the cute omega he met at a house party—everyone’s lives seem to revolve around the search for a single mate. It’s simple… The alphas bid and the omegas make their choice, while protective instincts take care of the rest.

But the barbaric practice has its own beauty that will always be just out of reach for Vale. Maybe if he had a contract, he would find someone who would love him wholly and completely and he wouldn’t have to spend his time cherishing the last few days with his best friend before Zyke inevitably finds a mate of his own. Maybe he wouldn’t be so lonely…


Reader advisory: This book includes a scene of public sex.


What’s the solution to ghosts and a bad case of Christmas karma? A kinky auction, of course.

Fenn has a bad case of Christmas karma. He hasn’t hung a single decoration, donated to any charities or wrapped any presents, and ghosts are starting to haunt his dreams. When his best friend Aggie finds out, he comes up with a solution—to enter Fenn into an auction where the city’s richest patrons will bid for a date with him.

But when Fenn arrives at the auction, he discovers Aggie hasn’t been completely honest with him. Instead of bidding on dates, billionaires have lined up to try to win a kinky playdate. He decides to stay. After all, what’s the risk? Fenn needs to clear his karma, and all the proceeds for the auction go to the local hospitals.

There’s only one man in the crowd who can throw everything for a loop—The Python. The Python is feared by the city itself and no one knows how many bodies he’s buried. Fenn takes a deep breath and steps onto the stage as the bidding starts.


Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of breath play.

General Release Date: 19th December 2023


Sweeter than candy—hotter than magic.

Crean is trying to leave it all behind—the closet, his overbearing family and, of course, his magic. In a world where vampires and shifters are hidden among humans, Crean is the odd one out. Born as a human to a family of shifters, he’s been hiding his orientation and his magic for his entire life.

In search of a new start, he sets out on a journey to a different province. The only condition is he has to live with his brother and his three roommates.

Living with a vampire, a werewolf and a faerie is bound to be a disaster, and Crean does his best to avoid the strangers. But everything he’s been told about others is wrong, and his life is about to change forever.

General Release Date: 24th October 2023


If only you were mine… If only you needed a Daddy to look after you.

This Christmas promises to be the loneliest of Sullivan’s life and he’s set to brave the season alone until he receives an amazing, yet heartbreaking, Secret Santa gift that was inspired by his best friend’s pen pal, Lincoln.

What starts as a thank-you letter to Lincoln soon becomes more as Sullivan finds himself drawn to a man he’s never met—a man who somehow seems to know him. The problem is, Sullivan needs a friend more than he needs a hookup, so he pretends to be married, taking an intimate relationship out of the equation.

Soon pen and paper aren’t enough, and he writes his phone number in his next letter, hoping that Lincoln will call him. When Lincoln finally does, Sullivan’s breath catches at the sound of his voice. When Sullivan pretends that his fake husband is away on a business trip, Lincoln invites himself over for a Christmas movie marathon.

Beside each other on the small couch, the lines begin to blur and Sullivan curses himself for pretending to be married. But maybe he’s not the only one with a secret.

General Release Date: 6th December 2022

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