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M. C. Roth

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Kinks and Crosshairs

Sometimes you have to ignore your conscience to save your life and fall in love.

Two years ago, Henley gave up his life and transferred to a new city, creating a persona where he could finally be himself. But after going through more than a dozen submissives, he is bored and looking for a good time. He’s not asking for much—just a man twice his size who he can take down before making him beg.

Unfortunately, Henley is also an undercover agent who is stuck guarding a rich kid with a drug problem.

Stumbling home after a long shift, Henley runs into Li. Li is just a civilian, but he draws Henley in like no other has before. A spark ignites between them that can’t help but smolder. Li doesn’t seem to know the first thing about kink, but Henley has never been more satisfied or enthralled.

But Henley’s life is a lie—and he’s not the only one. When a bullet goes through his charge’s forehead in the middle of his shift, Henley finds himself on a chase that spans continents. The only way he can be with Li is if he ignores his conscience and gives up everything he’s ever stood for.


Reader advisory: This book contains instances of breathplay, primal play, drug and alcohol use, death of a minor character, violence and threatened torture.

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